Architectural Styles Categories

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For the purposes of this architectural field guide, styles have been assigned to key periods of development, from the Colonial period in the 18th century to the Modern Movements of the 20th century. Some buildings of traditional or vernacular design transcend such an era based classification and are included under their own category. Each period of development has a brief introduction with more detailed information about specific styles on separate web pages.

It is important to remember that while some styles are universally recognized, scholars and architectural historians sometimes disagree on the categorization and naming of styles and different books consulted on the topic may offer varying names and periods of popularity.  Growing research in the field also has provided better understanding of traditional and vernacular building traditions and greater discussion of some previously overlooked areas.  So, while there is a basic language and perception of established architectural styles, it is an evolving understanding and sometimes there is no clearly correct answer.

Traditional/Vernacular                                        1638-1950

Log Buildings                                                        1638-1950

Postmedieval English                                            1682-1730

Pennsylvania German Traditional                         1700-1870

Barns and Outbuildings                                        1700-1930

Meetinghouses                                                     1695-1950

Colonial Period                                                  1640-1800

Georgian Style                                                     1700-1800

Early Republic Period                                      1780-1860

Federal Style                                                      1780-1830

Early Classical Revival Style                       

Roman Classical Revival Style                            1790-1830

Greek Revival Style                                            1820-1860

Mid-19th Century Period                                  1830-1860

Gothic Revival Style                                            1830-1860

Exotic Revival/Egyptian Revival Style                 1830-1850, 1920-1930

Italianate Villa/Italianate Style                             1840-1885

Octagon Style                                                    1850-1870

Late Victorian Period                                      1850-1910

Romanesque Revival Style                                1840-1900

Second Empire/Mansard Style                           1860-1900

High Victorian Gothic Style                                 1860-1890

Chateauesque Style                                           1860-1910

Stick Style                                                           1860-1890

Queen Anne Style                                              1880-1900

Late 19th & Early 20th Century Revival Period     1880-1940

Colonial Revival                                                        1880-1960

Tudor Revival Style                                                   1890-1940

Collegiate Gothic Revival                                         1890-1940

Italianate Renaissance Revival Style                       1890-1935

Classical Revival Style                                             1895-1950

Beaux Arts Classicism Style                                     1885-1930

Spanish Colonial Revival Style                                1915-1940

Modern Movement Period                                 1925-1950

Art Deco Style                                                        1925-1940

Moderne Style                                                        1930-1950

International Style                                                  1930-1950


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