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Every couple of weeks I will post a photograph of a building or structure located in York County. See if you can locate them and post your response. Of course there will be no prize, just the excitement that you have learned something new!!

DSC06463Where am I?

Joint Effort Between Historic York, Inc. and the Lancaster County Planning Commission *See the Lancaster County Project page for more information*

Historic York Inc., in conjunction with the Lancaster County Planning Commission recently completed an historic resource inventory for fourteen boroughs located in Lancaster County. The boroughs include Akron, Christiana, Columbia, Denver, East Petersburg, Elizabethtown, Manheim, Marietta, Mount Joy, Mountville, New Holland, Quarryville, Strasburg, and Terre Hill.

The inventory, focused on sites constructed prior to c. 1960, contains photographs and architectural descriptions of over sixty thousand historic resources. It also identifies sites that are architecturally or historically significant on a local level, such as buildings associated with a particular person or event of local importance.

Historic preservation consultant Caitlin Black completed the final portion of the survey this summer, documenting historic resources in Columbia, Elizabethtown, and New Holland. Though survey work can be physically taxing, as one often walks five to ten miles in a day, Caitlin has found the process quite rewarding. It has allowed her to gain a fuller appreciation of how historic resources manifest key events and stories in each borough’s past. In Columbia, for instance, Caitlin enjoyed tracing the growth of the city over time from the oldest buildings, located near the Susquehanna River, to the newest development in the northeastern portion of the city.

The Lancaster County Planning Commission will enter the survey information for all fourteen boroughs into an online database.  When complete, they will make the database available to the public and will also use that information future planning purposes.



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