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Historic Preservation Services offered by Historic York, Inc.

In addition to its community service work, Historic York, Inc. maintains professional, qualified employees to complete historic research, resource survey, National Register of Historic Places nominations and Historic Certification Applications for the Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit Program.  Since 1975, Historic York, Inc. has surveyed 38,000 historic buildings, completed in York and other counties, 40 National Register Historic Districts, 26 individual property nominations, and over 100 tax credit applications.  Currently, Historic York, Inc. holds 34 facade easements on properties throughout the county and recognized 114 rehabilitation and restoration projects through our annual Preservation Awards Program.

Historic York, Inc. offers a wide range of services to members and to the entire county.  Public education programs such as architectural walking tours,  lectures, and workshops are offered to increase the awareness of historic preservation.  Historic York, Inc. maintains a library of resources on history, preservation and rehabilitation, which are available for public use, by appointment.  They also maintain a file of suppliers and contractors who specialize in the field of preservation.  Please contact Historic York, Inc. for additional information. info@historicyork.org.

Historic York, Inc. offers a variety of services to the York Community. Many are provided free of charge or for minimal cost. The fees collected from consulting services help retain credentialed staff and help us fulfill our important mission. These services include the following:

Historic Preservation Consulting

Historic York, Inc. provides knowledgeable, in-house staff with advice on preservation issues and projects of all types to the public, property owners, developers and municipalities on a variety of historic preservation questions, issues, and concerns as well as restoration, heritage tourism and transportation projects.

National Register Nominations

Our qualified staff can prepare individual or multiple property and historic districts nominations designating properties to the National Register of Historic Places. These designations are vital in helping owners obtain tax incentives and in preserving historic architecture and communities. Historic York, Inc. is the leading regional organization for individual property and municipal designations.

Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit Program

Historic York, Inc. is the leading regional organization for individual property and municipal designations. The Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit Program (RITC) is a federal government sponsored tax incentive program for historic buildings. Historic York, Inc. has a vast experience with the program and is able to prepare necessary documentation to participate in the program.

Historic Property Demolition and Development Review

Historic York, Inc. reviews and comments on demolition plans that affect historic properties in many York County municipalities. Our trusted advice is well recognized for its fair application in helping to present viable alternatives for adaptive use of these important and irreplaceable resources.

House Calls

Historic York, Inc.’s professional staff will visit your home to help assess its architectural features and guide you on your rehabilitation/restoration project. Your initial investment is $45/hour to have our trained professional staff assist you. Call 717-843-0320 today to make an appointment!

2014 December Winter Newsletter

Please enjoy and share Historic York’s Winter 2014 Newsletter! It highlights what we have been doing over the past few months. Enjoy! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let us know. You may contact us info@historicyork.org or by phone at (717) 843-0320.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!!

Historic York 2014 Winter Edition Newsletter

Hoke House Needs Your Help!

Congrats to Paul Nevin and the Friends of Hoke House who have been successful in reaching an agreement with the Spring Grove Borough and Rutters. The borough has agreed to give the Friends of Hoke House until the end of December to work on the historic tavern so it’s not an eyesore to passing motorists. Rutters has agreed to give the Friends 3 years to find a suitable tenant. The next challenge is raising $10,000 by the end of the year to pay for the repairs. The Spring Grove Area Historical Preservation Society has agreed to contribute $5,000 if the other $5,000 can be raised by the the Friends of Hoke House. Tax-deductible donations should be sent to Preservation PA, 257 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101 with “Hoke House” noted in the memo line. Any amount will be greatly appreciated!

2015 Historic Preservation Awards!

Historic York is pleased to announce that the nominations for the 2015 Historic Preservation Awards are open and will continue until September 2015. Applications can be obtained from Historic York in person, by e-mail (info@historicyork.org) or by using the link below. Additional information on the nomination form due date and awards ceremony will be added to this website once finalized. If you have any questions or comments in the mean time please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@historicyork.org or by phone at (717) 843-0320.

2015 Historic Preservation Awards Nomination Form



Historic York would like to Thank everyone who attended our 2014 Historic York Preservation Celebration last evening. It was a great success! We especially would like to thank LSC Design, Inc for hosting our event!

We would also like to once again congratulate and thank our 2014 award winners:

LSC Design, Inc. (320 North George Street) – Adaptive Reuse
Historic Hellam Preserve (Hellam, PA) –Historic Restoration
Powder Mill Foundation (731 South George Street) – Residential

Honorable Mentions: Adaptive Reuse
The Residences at Ribbon Place (239 East Boundary Ave., York)
i-ron-ic (256 West Philadelphia Street, York)

Special Awards:
Aguedita Rodriguez – Dedication to Historic Preservation
Joan Burgasser – Advocacy

We are currently accepting nominations for our 2015 Historic Preservation Awards. If you have any questions or need an application, please contact Roger Ciuffo at info@historicyork.org.

We have completed our Fall 2014 Newsletter, enjoy!!

September 2014 Newsletter – FINAL


On September 2, 2014, York City Council adopted legislation to increase meetings of the Historical Architectural Review Board from once per month to twice per month.   In an effort to achieve regularly scheduled intervals for its meetings, HARB has changed its meeting dates and times from the 1st Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. to the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Meetings are held in City Council Chambers, 101 S. George St., York, PA, unless another location and/or time is advertised. For additional information on HARB, please visit the HARB page on the City of York’s website at http://yorkcity.org/historical-architectural-review-board.

For more information, contact Roger Ciuffo, Architectural Historian/HARB Consultant at (717) 843-0320 or email: info@historicyork.org.

Preservation of Historic Homes in York — Who Cares?

Mike Johnson, past president of Historic York, Inc., authored a piece for the York Daily Record / Sunday News:

Whether you’re a native Yorker or new to the area, you’d probably agree that York has lots of old buildings – including downtown bars and restaurants, office and apartment buildings and homes. But so what? We generally measure economic progress by the number of new homes built, new office buildings, new shopping centers … “new” equals “good.”

So, why care about old – or historic – homes? Let me tell you why I care and see if you agree.

Since 2005, I’ve worked with a couple of partners to restore three large historic homes and have just started on a fourth (see http://www.900southgeorge.com for one of the completed restoration projects). All were built in the late 1800’s – one for the founder of the Peterman Shoe Company (now the Maewyn’s Pub on North George); one for York’s most famous architect (John Dempwolf) and one for the man whose son became president of York Bank & Trust (now M&T).

All three homes had fallen on hard times before restoration – a vacant dentist’s office, a condemned rest home and a dilapidated college student party house. After lots of sanding, scraping, caulking, repairing and painting – all three are once again well-maintained family residences and have helped to stabilize their historic neighborhoods.

A lot of people have asked me why I get involved in these projects. It’s not because I love sanding walls, filling holes in rotted wood or peeling hideous wallpaper. So why do I do it? To me, new isn’t always best. While I applaud, believe in and support the growth and new development in downtown York, I believe that both the old and the new are critical parts of what can make York special.

So, why do I think that old can also equal good?

Click to keep reading.




241 E. King Street, York City


Built in 1896, the church was designed by Harry E. Yessler

This architecturally significant icon is being threatened by a deteriorated roof structure but otherwise is structurally sound.  This beautiful building has been a long standing icon in the community.  Please join Historic York by voicing your opinion about the importance of this iconic architectural gem because



Historic York, Inc. identifies, preserves, and protects buildings, structures and sites of historical and architectural significance in York County, Pennsylvania.

Historic York, Inc. serves as a community voice for the protection of historic buildings and sites.

We advocate historic preservation, provide community education, and assist local individuals, organizations & public officials with preservation related activities.

Springdale Historic District
Springdale Historic District

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