Preservation Awards

In the past, Historic York has hosted a “Preservation Celebration” in which awards are presented to projects from throughout the county that exemplify historic preservation either through restoration or adaptive reuse.

Since the National Trust created Preservation Week in 1971 to spotlight grassroots preservation efforts in America, Preservation Week has grown into an annual celebration observed by small towns and big cities with events ranging from architectural and historic tours and award ceremonies, to fundraising events, educational programs and heritage travel opportunities. Due to its overwhelming popularity, the National Trust has extended the celebration to the entire month of May and declared it Preservation Month to provide an even longer opportunity to celebrate the diverse and unique heritage of our country’s cities and states and enable more Americans to become involved in the growing preservation movement.

Since 1984, Historic York, Inc. has recognized quality preservation projects completed in York County. In all, we have recognized over 125 projects that exemplify sound restoration, conservation and adaptive reuse practices. There are so many businesses, non-profit organizations, municipalities and homeowners working hard to care for the county’s historic buildings. There has been a wide variety of past award winners from the reuse of large industrial complexes to the restoration of public commemorative sculpture, even a tunnel has been recognized. These projects are judged for their adherence to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Rehabilitation and their sensitivity to the historic features of the building.

Know of a worthy project?

Let us know about preservation projects in York County that deserve public recognition.   When award time rolls around again, we’ll then be able to contact you about a nomination.





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